apartheid ended, racism arise

APART-heid. Its an equation that

black+ coloured + indians ≠ white

white = 1

black + coloured + indians <1

The white people in South Africa during the apartheid period was always the superior and the black people have to be lower than the superior.

Black people are prohibited to have their freedom and daily activities, they are treated unequally by the white people and used as ‘prisoners’ rather than just slaves before. White people are allow to do everything they want to the black people. Indeed, human rights did not exist during the 1948 in South Africa. Its Nelson Mandela, who helped the South Africans to regain human rights and freedom. Yet, its also when black people can have ‘superficial’ racism/hatred towards the white people. Black South Africans might hate the White people and vice versa. Since the apartheid is abandoned in 1994, things have changed a little now, it used to be:

but now it is

I got this picture from the internet, couldn’t find anything that can illustrate a black South African punching a White South African. (I am sure it happens, but its just not on google) Overall, issue of justice happens in every single country. A country’s culture, history, people, the environment that we have been brought up with, the things that we had experienced have all contribute to who we are today. Naiveness is something a lot of people try to pursue after we enter the society. Well, I guess the world its not so bad yet, at least good people are still trying to influence the world to become better. Always keep your hopes up peeps! I also found a very good blog post to read about black and white people, click this and you can access the blog straight away! thanks for reading tata:)

its not just about eating with bare hands!

South Africans are known to eat with right hand only, and the left hand is used for whatever comes out after. I have never tried eating with my bare hands, but i would love to try someday. This cultural difference between the South African and the Aussie its not so hard to accept compare to the ones below.

Other cultural shocks are so obvious that I can simply demonstrate to you via two videos:


Yes, it’s the language barrier, it seems like its a small thing, but a lot of people judge you by your skin colour, the language that you speak and maybe how you dress. Every tourist/traveler can either accept a new language or to isolate yourself and be classified as a ‘real tourist’ who holds a map with a camera everywhere they go.

Despite the differences at our native language and traditions, there’s also something similar between Australia and SA. We are both a rainbow nation, with immigrants all around the world, however, the native South Africans are at a lower class than the white South Africans. Australians pursue for ‘equality’, we are a country with fairness and taught to respect other people’s cultural differences. Racism is a factor that can never be avoid in every single country, but the severity of racism differs among countries.

Being a vet student myself, i really like the Safari in South Africa. Australia has being influencing me by its politeness and to embrace the mother nature. On the other hand, the South Africans are embracing their mother nature in another way. Some native south Africans use animals as ‘trading properties’ to gain income. Other South Africans who might be living in a better standard often participate in a hunting activity called the ‘trophy Hunting‘. In 2010, the revenue for this game was raised to R1.1 billion. This huge amount of money is a major driving force for the South African’s economic income.

Being raised up by so many magnanimous people in this lovely country, I can never imagine myself or any Australians doing such a thing. I guess this will be a cultural difference that i can never accept. So, I’d rather be one of the people BELOW!

thanks for reading.


‘The rainbow Nation’

South Africa (SA) contains numbers of different cultures as its been previously occupied by other colonies.The ex-president of SA Nelson Mandela and other people has always refer SA as a ‘rainbow nation’ which has characterized its multicultural diversity.

I guess one thing that must intertwined with SA is its beauty nature — the Safari.

Everyone knows about the Safari and national parks in SA, even to those who have never been there before (ME!)

this is simply a scenery that most of us wants to see.

SA also reminds me about the lion king.

on the other side of this beautiful motherland, there are a lot of hunters out there to hunt for rhino and elephant tasks. Nevertheless, people do lion hunting, giraffe hunting just to show other people of their pride for killing a large animal or animal that’s on the top of the food chain. recently, there’s a very famous twitter post about a photo with Rebecca Francis and her dead giraffe that she shot down.

Obviously killing should not be something that we should feel proud of, even though the animal is old and sick. Once its dead, it should go peacefully, rather than being celebrated as a human ‘pride’. South Africans don’t often involve in these photography, but sadly, they are the one who take the hunters around the safari to shoot down those beautiful creatures, because they believe that ‘the meat can keep the village people alive!’

Another thing that many people relate SA with is african drum and dance. My university even offer this subject. African drums are also known as the djembe. It has a very long history (about 400-800 years). i believe a lot of the SA immigrants might have brought their cultural and tradition into other countries.

The Modern Djembe Built by DrumConnection

Another ‘essence’ that’s affecting the South Africans is that a lot of people believe South Africans are still living in a very poor condition like this:

well at least, that was what i used to see in a lot of movies, such as ‘The power of one

However, South Africa should not be illustrated like this! Not every part of South Africa represents poor and family with low income, kids that are suffering from malnutrition.


Picture No. 05

you can find this house for sale in here:


So i guess essentialism has its pros and cons, its important not to illustrating a country according to other people’s descriptions. Go out and EXPLORE yourself!

thanks for reading!




 ‘This is me when i eat’

When we talk about food, we often think about our favourite dishes, family meals, traditional meals in a country.

Food in a country represents far more than a need for people to survive. Food brings a connection between family, friends, communication and kinship.

If you are reading my post, I’m sure there’s a connection between us, because we like SA, or we are planning to go to SA. (or some of you might have been to SA)

I’m using this post to develop some friendship+communication between us by taking you all to a tour to ‘try’ some famous traditional SA food! (Don’t forget to comment below if you want to share any food with all of us!)

‘famous, traditional, original’ food in SA!

Famous food in SA (ranked according to MY favourite List):

1. Biltong, dried beef jerky: they come with different flavours:

check this website out: The Best Dried Meat: Jerky or Biltong?

2. Bobotie: 


This dish is prepared with dried food, beef/lamb and an egg base. (Looks like Quiche we have in Australia:))

3. Boerewors (pork/beef sausage):

Why dont they name it sausage? weird isn’t it? It also looks like a type of danish.

4.Mealie Meal (also have thousands of other names, mielie meal, corn meal, maize meal etc)

This is the meal that my African friend always mentioned about as one of their ‘daily meal’, its easy to cook and its cheap. As we all know SA being part of the developing countries in the world, people are not as wealthy as some developed country. (i know it looks really plain!)

5. Potjiekos

This dish is specifically cooked in a special ‘3 leg pot’ on coal with beef mince and vegies (also MUST COOK OUTSIDE! how cool is that!)

Well, I’m running out of time, so 5 famous dishes should be enough for all of us to explore while we are in SA. I’m sure we’ll come across a huge diversity of delicious SA cuisines in our trip. One thing that i realized about SA food is, MEAT must be one of its main food resources. Well, the reason for it? I don’t know! Maybe you can find out for me?


A Symbol of South Africa

When we talk about symbols of a country, a lot of people think about the following things:

the national flag

the national code of arms

national animals/birds and flowers

Or maybe this: (it looks like the China Olympics fuwa)

Instead of conforming to the norm, i am using a photographic symbol instead.

You might think, hmm is it like Hitler = the Nazi?

Well close enough, but I’m using a more heroic man than Hitler:


I think everyone would have recognized this man – Nelson Mandela. No one can ever miss such a symbolic statue with the national flags behind him in South Africa. This statue impressed me as Nelson Mandela represents his nation who has an invincible and strong characteristic.

After i discovered such an iconic symbol/place of South Africa, this place will be one of the ‘must see’ attractions in South Africa.

If you know any interesting iconic places/symbols of South Africa, don’t forget to common below! It will be great to give me some homework just to find out more about a country before i go!